African Figures And Masks Admire

  • Posted on July 9, 2017 at 8:41 am

The fascination of Africa is reflected in his art again: African figures and masks are in sharp contrast to European art. In the art in Africa is characterized by great diversity. Traditional African art and in particular its masks and figures reflect the many facets of the continent, the different people, cultures and tribes from different parts of Africa. Of art from other parts of the world differ in African-American artists by striking features, visible especially in African figures and masks. The first Europeans to encounter the distinctive characteristics charkteristische of African masks and figures of abstraction in the representation of people and rare animals. This affects the face, body and body parts in the same way. The concentration of the figures and masks on the essentials make up their unique effect, and have a lot of people can be followers of African Art. Prominent museums and galleries now show African figures and masks. One characteristic of African Masksand figures is the preference of the people as the subject of the representation. This is the face or the body in the foreground, in contrast to the European tradition. Eyes, head, limb, but also sexual characteristics of the masks and figures are often extremely striking, but some photographs from a collection can be the characteristics of African figures and masks are more visible than any words. Another major characteristic is the focus on 3D objects. Of course, plays a role in the paper, papyrus, clay and other materials in the bush were a rarity, and cotton was not available in mass as elsewhere. In contrast, the Nature provides the wood is an ideal material for African masks and figures. Their expressiveness relate African figures and masks of the remains by its close connection with religion, rituals and nature. This also represents a big issue, because suffered many African figures and masks from heat and humidity have. Preservation and conservation are a major task dar. objects from everyday lifehave also through use and old age traces of wear, even if figures and masks were usually kept very well. Leidig is the subject of fraud and corruption and for African masks, figures and relevant. Since the beginning of the 20th Century forgers try to imitate African figures and masks.

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