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  • Posted on April 9, 2020 at 1:11 am

The life country to visit Washington, d.c. To present the life country project team visited with Department head Dr. For even more opinions, read materials from Diamond Comic Distributors. Albert Kreiner and Projektverantwortlichen Gerald Miklin in recent days Washington, D.C., to the successful mobile way of Carinthia with the project life of Carinthia”. This initiative of Carinthia to promote electric vehicles and renewable energy generation and infrastructure earned great recognition for this sustainable work and the numerous projects of the life State of Carinthia in American television. Life of Carinthia came as European flagship project on big echo. Life country was presented before an American audience of millions in the Emerald planet”on channel 10, a weekly live TV broadcast about sustainability, the environment and the economy, said Kreiner and Miklin about the pioneering Olle of Carinthia in the area of electric mobility and alternative forms of energy. There was great support on the spot by the Austrian Ambassador to Washington Dr. Christian Prosl, which also commented on the mobile Austria’s role in the TV show.

It was a great honor in this broadcast to be invited and the possibility to get the Federal Province of Carinthia and present life of Carinthia before an audience of millions. The Americans were enthusiastic about our commitment”, so Albert Kreiner shortly after the live talk show in American television. “Americans excited was excited about the mobile setting of Carinthia Carinthia pioneering e-mobility Dr. Samuel Hancock, owner of channel 10, and said: an example of Carinthia should take the United States.” 1.6 million spectators have watched the broadcast live and approximately 20 million saw the shipment as recording other TV channels and the Internet. “After the successful appearance in the American television was still a visit with President of WANADA (Washington area new Automobile Dealers Association) Gerard N.

Murphy held on one of the biggest auto shows in the world, the Washington Auto Show” is organised. This paid tribute to the Carinthian engagement with the prospect that the life of Carinthia should be presented in the year 2012 before members of the US Congress in the course of the next year car show of the American experts and politicians.

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