Lesser Reverse

  • Posted on July 12, 2018 at 4:41 am

Poem and Escape in Lesser Reverse speed On the piano – roses between the roses blue and the blue one were not blue were red. They touched Bach and was as light that transited in the mystery. All were quiet and in the glow of pupils poisoned for the fear it had a stranger pain of premature death. To broaden your perception, visit Author. My mother arrived it me and said is, to my held me grandfather of the picture, my grandsons waved to me of the future. However I was besieged between the escape and tocata. The cloud loaded me asleep, beached a ship the creation, transposed the limb, when I woke up, my father, already was sky. It is possible to perceive that both the poems possess, as thematic central office, the question of the death? it is initiated, of soon, the universal speech, since the subject death is universal, that is, meets in poems of any place of the world, what it differs, however, is the way as it is faced, felt and demonstrated before each society.

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