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Green Landtag Citizens

  • Posted on October 27, 2014 at 9:49 am

Rejection of the Association action law for animal protection clubs In the following, I’ve attached my open letter to the parties of the Grand Coalition in Schleswig-Holstein. I will also report on the answers. Dear CDU – Parliament faction, unfortunately I found out nearly a week ago that the Green Landtag group is a request for the collective proceedings of animal protection societies (reminder:..grosse_koalition_lehnt_verbandsklagerech.html) has submitted, and it was rejected now less than a year later by you, a large part of the Grand Coalition. As I would when citizens likes about Schleswig Holstein, what are their reasons for this. I personally do it to be honest life contempt and hostility to democracy. Life contempt, because the conditions under which animals are enslaved to serve as food or clothing of the people barely writable are therefore.

However, citizens and civil society initiatives such as associations or foundations can proceed legally. Get this right, the democracy massivst attacked. Thus one keeps citizens and civil society initiatives means, which should be accessible to all. At the same time, tolerated and it supports States that are reminiscent of the worst war crimes. Because animals are not only imprisoned and murdered, but also beastly tortured. That tolerated a “Christian, democratic” party? Christian?, tell me something, I must remind them of the words of Jesus Christ? At this request for a reply, I make use of an open letter, to underline the urgency of my concern. I wish you a nice week, and remain with kind regards Sascha Bose (member of the party: human, environmental, animal welfare – the welfare party) for the SPD I modified of course this letter.

EUR Health

  • Posted on October 27, 2014 at 8:04 am

Dr. To know more about this subject visit Maryland Governor. Christian Baumler at the CDU Mosbach and CDA North pools Mosbach “: relief or burden?” What brings the citizens the new coalition? “, discussed members of the CDU from the city and municipal associations Mosbach, Neckarelz/Diesdesheim, Saddle Brook / rich book and the CDU social committees (CDA).” Alexander Ganter, Ariane Spitzer, Ute Lenz Goltl, Georg Schum and Uwe Terhorst (CDA) had in common to the event immediately prior to the closed-door meeting of the CDU Federal Executive invited to Mosbach. “The FDP must adapt to the reality of their political concept. The consequences of the financial and economic crisis have not stood out still long. The crisis-induced holes in the social funds have to be repaired by budget”, demanded land Chairman and Deputy CDA President Christian Baumler in his presentation.

“Who more net of the gross would, must first and foremost ensure that the social security contributions not go.” Alone for the unemployment insurance, the Federal Government has an increase of the grant amounting to 16 Provided billions of euros. Another EUR 16 billion are planned for the health insurance. These federal grants are also necessary to secure jobs. Room for tax cuts there is, however, before 2013, not”Bacani said. Lively discussion on the future of health policy. Independent income premiums for health insurance encountered concerns in the discussion. The coalition agreement envisages to introduce head packages, which should be socially cushioned with taxpayers. “If the same contribution to the health insurance is required from bankers and nurses, a justice gap.

Who liked to plug this gap with tax money, taking a political blind”, criticized Baumler. There was criticism in the discussion on the administrative costs of health insurance funds and the contribution assessment ceiling in health insurance. The call was loud after a power word of Chancellor. At the event in the “old Malthouse” in Mosbach numerous participants of the work meeting Members who are involved in the Trade Union ver.di, part of the CDU and CSU, which takes place every year in the education centre of Mosbach.