Evangelical Church

  • Posted on July 31, 2016 at 11:18 am

Now the rule of Westerwelle, who rolled all over what is there not away ducked when the FDP began. Westerwelle purposefully expanded its power in the party. He gathered young politicians to, formed a team of people, of which none Backstab him would it, as happened with Gerhardt. Westerwelle had life are his learned. Mr. Bader Hall in retirement age represents only the older generation and stabilized the team with good contacts to the economy and a few retirees.

2009, the miracle happened. The free Democrats took control after the elections. Mrs Merkel, that had the most votes from the people, has been baited with the Office of the Chancellor and assumed by Horst Seehofer in a coalition Government together with the Bavarian people’s Party. You had guessed it already and Mr Westerwelle confirmed this – unostentatious in his three King speech. The Union was only a means to an end. A correlation of this speech with the “three saints” was not visible. How should it be – Westerwelle is a member of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland and saints are thing of the Catholics.

Mr Westerwelle, its had arrived at the target politically, hard work. Finally, he established with his party, again the neoliberal power in the Republic. His predecessor Helmut Kohl, Gerhard Schroder and Angela Merkel, who brought nothing to the series and back the country in a mountain of debt, were overcome and within a single year order in the Republic restored Westerwelle and his party. More net of the gross. Social is what creates jobs. Down with taxes, a leaner Government and freedom for citizens (not citizen). The reduction of public debt, etc. – all election promises, in large fierce election campaign speeches by Mr Westerwelle across all media and market squares presented, were met and it should now continue. At the State Theater, refined audience – almost everything up on the ladies – tie makers, exclaimed it after the Government of Erhard, the second German economic and job miracle.

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