We Should Not Stay Away !

  • Posted on February 19, 2017 at 3:14 pm

BELKIN NS "Nature and Youth", Russia Today, oil and gas development in our region is rapid. Despite the significant contribution of the projects in this sector to the economy of the area, they may be serious environmental risks. Additional information is available at Bernie Sanders. Growing volumes of oil transportation routes north, especially its handling of the Kola Bay, multiply the load on the environment. Do not forget that the way transport of hydrocarbons in the White Sea pass through the waters of the Kandalaksha Preserve. Accidental spills will be disastrous, especially for rare species of animals and birds. Adoption decisions on the execution of any projects of an ecological threat should not be taken just as they say, 'high level'. Public participation would avoid possible conflicts between authorities, business and population, and most importantly – to prevent the implementation of environmentally dangerous projects.

Although a citizen's right to participate in making environmentally significant decisions enshrined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, it does not increases the activity of the population .. One of the main reasons for this relationship is the lack of adequate information, "" Official announcements are usually overly complicated or, or so vague that isolate from there a grain of truth is impossible. The media are not always willing to give this issue much attention. Often the environmental issue has made headlines time and in prime – time on TV only in th if it is served with a taste chernukha. Shtudirovanie the same multi-volume work on environmental impact assessment (EIA) is often only by specialists.

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