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  • Posted on July 9, 2018 at 12:41 am

HMI Academy: fit as a head, strong in the team Hamburg in May 2011. In the HMI Academy, the principle: good leadership is to learn. The HMI provides emerging agency owners, what matters in the team and in dealing with new partners. Within a current continuing education series, the innovative HMI success comes run through motivation”(FdM) to use. The signs are at the HMI in 2011 on growth. About 250 newcomers the HMI trains this year: the instructors on-site accompany them through the Agency’s daily life and promote their individual development while at the same time the new career model is not yet three years old. With partners the future belongs to agencies”, confirms Olaf Wrage, head of HMI Academy agencies. But with new employees, also the scope of duties of the agency owner changed: he is a role model and guide and is responsible for the performance of the entire team.

Our task is to convey a leadership model agency head, on which he can orient”, Tina summarizes the purpose. The first area of the Continuing education series is therefore specifically aimed at the agencies, which for the first time set a partner. During the two-day training, the Agency Chief receives basic knowledge through the training of new employees and the right in two respects. “Because: here he learns all about which technical and sales expertise the new” get the HMI to be in terms of skills up to date. At the same time, the head of the agency learns how he best can help his team, starting with the accompaniment of sales talks up to the regular target agreement talks. The latter relate thematically not only the responsibility of the new one end and the agencies, but are also an important element in defining the business goals. “” “” This HMI practiced the so-called SMART rule, specifically referred to by the keyword”measurable”, demanding”realistic”and terminated”. Objectives must be clear and well prepared, they are Communication expert Tina emphasizes the A and O of the leadership”.

The second training series of HMI turns under the title run through motivation”(FdM) to agencies with at least three staff members. Corresponds to the central module of training throughout the current state of research on the topics of leadership and motivation at the HMI and is in cooperation with Professor Hugo sweeping from the Technical University of Munich originated. In this concept, it comes to concretize the own understanding of leadership, to classify motives and behaviors, to identify strengths and weaknesses in communication and develop question and answer techniques. The idea of different management techniques ensures that the agency owner of HMI are fit for the challenges of the market and that they develop a personal leadership style, which the specific organisation of their agency meets. The guide is for me always about a big bunch of measures and techniques that lead to success. Each Staff pick is this, what he can best work”, summarizes Olaf Wrage. The seminars of the HMI are a compulsory programme for agency heads enthusiastic expansion of and soon all smaller”agencies available. About the HMI the HMI is one of the most successful sales organizations of the ERGO Insurance Group. Worldwide, ERGO is represented in more than 30 countries, in Germany it counts over all divisions across the market leaders. How to contact with HMI Anina Frahm overseas ring 45 22297 Hamburg Tel.: 0 40 / 63 76-2802

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