Social Democrats

  • Posted on January 16, 2018 at 12:27 pm

Civil/country against Social-Democrat/aftermath completely in contrast to the 2nd Republic consisting of had the so-called bourgeois/peasant stock, Christian social (CSP), Grossdeutscher people party (GdP), regional Association (LBd) and Home Guard is always a clear majority over the Social Democrats (SdP). So it was 1922: 20 to 13; 1923:20:12; 1927 and 1930: 19: 13 by contrast, there were but between 1923 and 1924 and 1931 to 1934 a coalition between the Social Democrats (SdP) and the Landbund (LBd). “The factions of Parliament of the Parliament of Burgenland in the I. GP (1922-1923) were with the social democratic Partei(SdP), representing Christian Social Party (CSP), the Landbund (LdB) and the greater German people’s Party (GdP) total 4 groups, in the II. GP (1923-1927), III GP (1927-1930) and IV GP (1930-1934) by not indenting the greater German people’s Party (1923), the candidacy on the unity list” with the Christian Sozialen(1927) and as national economic block with the Landbund (1930) only 3 groups. The Beamter were I. GP (1922-1923) the greater German people’s Party (GdP) in the second GP (1923-1927) and III GP (1927-1930) the Social Democratic Party (SdP) and in the 4th GP (1930-1934) the Christian Social Party (CSP). The other parties were also represented with the 2nd and 3rd Beamter in the Parliament Bureau.

The personalities in the Government and Parliament by the comparatively small”political system of the Burgenland provincial government and Parliament in the 1.Republik were characterized by some a few personalities. In this context about the land Premiers or Deputy of State Governor Alfred Walpole home (GdP/regional association/unit list), Ludwig are Leser(SdP), Anton Schreiner (CSP), Johann Thullner (CSP), which were at the same time politician and member of the land Government. Belonging to the Landtag in the I. GP (1922-1923) occurred only a change of mandate for the Social Democrats (SdP), in the 2nd GP (1923-1927) to at least five mandate changes (2 CSP 2 SdP, 1LBd), in the 3rd GP (1927-1030) to four (3 SdP, 1 CSP) and in the IV.GP (1030-1934) to three, all in the Christian social (CSP). Many members of Parliament were all IV GPs or a large part of members of the diet, here are reader (SdP) Alfred Walpole home (GdP/regional association/unit list) or Ludwig in turn to name a few.

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