Familiar Therapy

  • Posted on March 31, 2016 at 7:11 pm

The rule most important is fondness not to be the other; always speaking for it, feeling for it, or thinking for it. The therapist must establish a limit for participation of house one; ' ' … to block the intromissions, alliances and coalitions being said that this is to speak in place of the other or to imagine the thoughts and the future actions of the other pessoa.' ' (MINUCHIN and FISHMAN, 1990, P. 148). The space maneuvers concrete function as a delimiter of borders. In accordance with Minuchin and Fishman, (1990) the therapist can use its proper body to block a visual contact, to realign or to rearrange the physical space approaching or distanciando the people, in some sessions to take care of only certain members of the family, the therapist can make use of different techniques second, the necessity of the attendance. The paradoxical tasks are used to establish borders in situations where the involved ones extremely are joined; they still articulate a bigger approach enter the members of a subsystem.

For example, in certain situation ' ' … to guide a mother super-protector to increase its attention ace small necessities of its son, or to instruct a demasiadamente involved spouse who follows the steps of its companheiro.' ' (MINUCHIN and FISHMAN, 1990, p.152). This objective technique exactly to intensify the conflicts, so that thus, the participants if distancie ones of the others. Conclusion the techniques of setting of borders are used instruments pra to mediate and to solve the conflicts located in the systems and the familiar subsystems, and are developed in accordance with the demand of each situation. The therapist must know the conflicts of the family well, she must make a mapping to identify the problems, and thus consider action adequate effective and the presented demands. In this article techniques had been presented only some of the possibilities of use of these, from some examples of hypothetical situations. References MINUCHI, S.; FISHMAN H, C. Borders.

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