Contaminated Money

  • Posted on July 17, 2021 at 10:33 am

Years ago I made an funny experiment and without no scientific rigor. I reunited to several people of my confidence and before serving to the foods and drinks that it had bought to entertain them, I asked to them that they imagined hungry hopelessly. With different degrees from involvement in the game, they accepted the slogan. Soon I put in center of the circle that we formed, a book very used (of which one nor imagines by how many hands happened) and a ticket mistreated enough, of that demonstrate to have had a great circulation. Soon I supported on the book and the ticket, individual bread pieces. Which would eat being that is very hungry? The unanimous answer was that they would eat the bread piece supported on the book and that they would not prove the bread piece supported on the money. Although this experiment is not very serious, equal it serves to ask to us to what extent the paper very used in a ticket imagines it contaminated whereas the paper very used in a book also does not assume it contaminated. Like result practitioner we can think that it is probable that our rejection to the money can start off of the prejudice of which is polluting, enfermante.

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