• Posted on June 21, 2017 at 8:56 am

Several months ago wrote the political tragedy that would again live Chile, by the Government of twenty years which took in his hands the Coalition, tacho which has spoiled the hopes of the people, but they themselves who commissioned to do so more plausible, with the image that became more neo-liberals that the same followers of Don Adam Smith. And that implementation and consolidation of neoliberalism in mapochas land was not so obvious. For which the Coalition did everything that was in their hands so that blood and fire will consolidate this scheme social and political, but it had its counterpart, his detractors, and to those who remember, are the famous penguins, which attacked against the already municipal schools. They were the deeds more heroic that the students carried out without more direction than their same needs and which drove back the Government, who believed that he was a Socialist, but was no more than infiltrated henchmen of the followers of Adam Smith.Pero still stands the struggles of the Mapuche brothers, RapNui, Atacama, Diaguita peoples; Kolla; Aymara; Quechua; Kaweskar; Yagan and to those who still survive the ethnocide imposed by foreigners in those territories who call Chile, especially to some brothers Chonos. You are about to disappear as a nation, but still in my memory will be their customs and their songs and tell them as his toki lonko ulmen mollkineanti itranpramn wirilum wingkul kuipeden treng treng Creole and white. This message fill them with pride, because Nations are still fighting its independence and that mother nature, mother earth is on your side, for the affront which makes them daily whites who murdered millions of brothers who disappeared entire Nations to make of your territory. But still nobody raises his voice to support them, but older siblings that are also subjugated and imprisoned and persecuted for defending their Nations to the Nations imposed by the colonial bourgeoisie who started with Bolivar, San Martin, that the only thing they did is give power to their congeners to their same social class; Why not believe they came to save First Nations, if not quite the contrary came to save the bourgeoisie of coloniality.

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