Cleaning Up Stuttgart

  • Posted on May 26, 2017 at 1:03 am

The truth about Stuttgart 21 is not in the details of the police operation in the Stuttgarter Schlossgarten, expected to be resolved in court. Who wants to know what – I beg your pardon! -the hell happened must, if grow out of an infrastructure project planned for nearly 20 years precisely in Baden-Wurttemberg headlines such as “Civil war in the Castle Park”, must look elsewhere. The answer was however in the statements of the Ministers Rech and Ganguly to hear which commented after the events. And it is: for the politics of citizens has become the enemy. The truth about Stuttgart 21 actually had Home Secretary Rech in the ZDF heute-journal as politically responsible must apologize for the clearly failed police operation against protesters on September 30.

And mind you the protesters with water cannons and tear gas traktierten both at the police forces, the incompetence of the policy once again, very physically, were allowed to catch. Instead he first complained that a registered student demonstration had become a mass mob. Almost exclusively peaceful people, you would have to add that many engaged for the first time ever in a demonstration, as they are otherwise exactly what one commonly thinks the Swabians: brave, more conservative asked citizens, not the enemy – or “Opponent”, as the Minister himself eloquently expressed. Rech: “Children have been exploited” Yes the man reads a newspaper?, you wanted to ask. That at the moment any demonstration against Stuttgart 21 bigger than perhaps is listed on the registration form of the procedure Office, the Ministry of the Interior may inadvertently meet. And if you do, you must restructure there. It came but even better. Addressed by Marietta Slomka out that Yes not a “black block” of links autonomous of police was opposed but “ordinary citizens, suit, women and children”.

indignant to Rech all seriousness about the mothers and fathers who had their children for political purposes. Goll: “People are spoiled prosperity” put in the Minister of Justice Ganguly financial times Germany on Monday, yet another on it: the Stuttgart “half height audience” that have only fear the construction noise in the city was “Intolerant, wealth-drenched”. You couldn’t believe his ears. There, a democratically was approved prestige project goes a black yellow coalition in Baden-Wurttemberg, thundering around the ears. But instead of asking how you so badly has to communicate Stuttgart 21, that mothers go with their daughters instead of the Klavierunterreicht to the demo, the own clientele to the enemy is declared and insulted. Still Railway Board pit, which is now apparently working as constitutional expert is missing: “A right of resistance against the construction of a station does not exist,” he writes in the picture on Sunday. We would have seen then you like to be the relevant article of the basic law.

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