• Posted on February 19, 2015 at 9:01 pm

How this happens? When connecting the Pen Drive in a infectado computer, the virus will go to infectar it automatically, and when connecting the Pen Drive infectadono computer of House or of the Work for example, the virus that is noPen Drive will go to also infectar this PC, in case that the user arquivosem opens it to pass Antivirus or Autorun is activated, forming one chain and spreading themselves for some computers. What to make? 1) To incapacitate the Autorun of the Windows (it sees below as to make)? Tip 1 – If in case that it does not have access to modify the configuration of the Windows: To keep pressured the Shift keyboard key, while> My computer ouexecute the antivirus for verifies if the device is free of virus. Tip 2: The tip below teaches as to incapacitate the Autorun in the Windows. To read more click here: Con Edison. Some step to configure the Windows, preventing that it automatically executes the content of pendrive: Click in the button To initiate and later in Executing;? It writes gpedit.msc and it pressures Enter;? In the structure of folders to the left, click to expand the menus: Configurations of the user; Administrative models; System.

The right will be shown diverse configurations. It locates the item To disactivate AutoExecutar;? It gives double click on the item, and modifies the activated option for. In combo, it selects all the units.? It pressures To apply and later OK and it closes window.

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