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Earn Money For Personal Savings

  • Posted on March 19, 2018 at 11:56 pm

Dear Readers: I always thought that saving counting on my salary was a dream almost impossible. Each day the wages are more in line with our basic needs and do not cover aspects such importsante as is the recreation and planning our financial future (investments). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Chabon has to say. Seeing this picture I started to develop additional activities with the idea of increasing my income and contribute to a surplus of savings and investment plan. Although I wondered how I earn extra money saving opportunities arose always focused my attention. So, I could increase my income, improve my current financial situation but at the end of the annual period that I was still depending on my monthly income.

Was really looking for a job, extra business or the solution to make more money? This experience made me reflect and I realized that no previous planning, my goal simply fall into a state of covering non-priority needs, with my extra income, but in the end was in the same financial position with no savings fund. The habit of saving, if possible, for me there is no excuse whatsoever. Who intends to save and make a financial plan should do so with a firm and determined to change. John Mclaughlin insists that this is the case. To change we must know why we want to change and where we want to change. Do not take this course is like sailing without a compass or direction, with the result that we lost in our actions and have null results. Therefore, if we decide to have a habit of saving and investment have to do before the following: Conduct a personal assessment to discover our true financial needs.

This step is to reflect all our income and expenditures (expenses) monthly. Define where we are making expenditures that have no relevance and can be adjusted. Define the amount needed to adjust to cover our expenses, incidental expenses etc.. When, at one point we found that our expenditures or expenses are consuming more than 90% of our income the situation is critical and our adjustments should be raised and applied as soon as possible. If expenses or disbursements represent or consume between 70 and 89 percent of revenue so we are in a care situation where you make adjustments to avoid falling into critical situations. If expenses do not cover more than 70% of our income then your situation is appropriate to make a savings plan. In short, never allow your financial situation falls into a position where your duties, debts or exceed current spending over 30% of your income. Adjustments should be in terms of releasing the burden of your personal expenses and use them in your recreation needs, savings and investment. Imagine a lifestyle where you achieve steady income and real waste to cover all living expenses and you'll get money for your recreation, savings and investment. You'd be living the dream as financial freedom. Be sure to do this analysis before committing a savings plan. This will give you a vision of where you stand now, will tell you your reality and maybe you'll be amazed. I can guarantee to know your financial reality will open the doors doeth how I earn money to save. Jose Gregorio Lopez Sanz.

Mexican Value

  • Posted on March 19, 2018 at 5:41 pm

I think of silver as legal tender. This is a proposal for many years. The Bank of Mexico coins silver coins.999 fine law. The ounces of silver freedom, for example, and some other lesser-known appellations. However, although he has been quite the proposal and all Governors of the country, most legislators and civil and business associations have expressed their agreement, monetization of silver is not yet declared. If the silver was declared legal tender, what benefits there? According to a study commissioned by a Mexican legislator and carried out by the center of studies of the public finances of the Chamber of Deputies, the following are some of the advantages: silver coin not lost nominal value. That is, an ounce of silver will always be an ounce of silver.

Although give flu to USA! It encourages savings, which is good for families and the country. Everyone will want to own silver coins and spend paper, steel and nickel that have no value in themselves. The productive investment due to the saving of every citizen would increase significantly. More money would stay within the national territory. Currently 4 of every 5 kg goes abroad and they tops at prices below market value. Silver coins can last up to centuries, however paper currency current only lasts a few months and must be replaced by new. The disadvantages that are also mentioned, include the higher cost of minting with their respective risk of rising demand and the possibility of being silver best currency for savings demand will increase dramatically and can not meet the market.

However, seems to be that the advantages are much greater than the risks. I wonder how much lose if we try? The population is ready and very much needed. Why the Bank of Mexico, being the authority in monetization, not has ordered the Declaration of silver as legal tender? When I answer Guillermo Ortiz, Governor of the central institution, I will make them know the answer. So far, I think that if we slept under the hat, another more awake is going to come and enjoy first us profits monetize the silver.

Priority Profession

  • Posted on March 19, 2018 at 1:26 am

Sure, the Internet is important both at home and at school. Computers in the schools, in the classroom and in everyday life without a doubt play a very large role in the 21st century. Many students know more about computers than their parents. Computers are a great achievement, but they pose dangers. Without hesitation Author explained all about the problem. This applies particularly to the application via the Internet. Secure Internet access in schools is to everyone’s advantage. Fortunately, there are many ways to make access to the network, so that students are protected and calling no sites are not intended for them. The first and most important step should be to educate children about the dangers of the Internet.

These risks range from dubious sites for downloads, which can contain viruses and can damage one or more computers. The teaching method here depends on the age of the children. Read additional details here: Martin O’Malley. Also the computer access should be age-dependent. Higher classes can be given more freedom, if they participate in the security and application rules keep the school. To give the students a safe and responsible handling of computers is just as important to teach the practical applications of a computer such as them. Peripherals such as USB-sticks should be treated equally in this context, because they can contain viruses and errors that are transferred between computers. The publication of personal data on the Internet is another issue that should be addressed in this lesson.

Students who know what danger the publication of their names in the Internet, will avoid this. Children absorb all the information that conveyed them. Therefore, the safe use of the Internet should be as early as possible taught. The lesson about the safe handling of computers should include emails and all the possibilities of online communication. To do so, to prepare best a lesson on this subject. This is also a good opportunity to discuss the subject of computers and Internet in the class. The teacher can allow Estimate statements the students their experiences and attitudes towards the Internet and computers. Such a topic of teaching the use of interactive and based on the Internet technology is particularly suitable. Teachers can show the students through interactive whiteboards vividly, what things should be aware when dealing with computers and the Internet. The Internet is a great invention, and children can obtain much valuable information from it.But safety should always also in schools in the first place. Karoline Sanam