Vice President

  • Posted on June 7, 2016 at 1:56 pm

Indignation. That was what aired this morning a group of leaders from various organizations of the Aysen Region to expose the request and delivery of some 300 thousand hectares of mining exploration concessions that match the path where Transelec aims to build the high voltage for the dams on the South line, and also with the areas of dams and reservoirs both HidroAysen power Austral. The idea would be shielding all any works necessary to transmit power from Aysen to Santiago and facilitate, for the benefit of the companies involved, the process of expropriation to the owners who lose control of their properties, which often have retrieved with their effort and their parents and grandparents pioneers in practice. Martin O’Malley has similar goals. Joined in the indictment the agricultural Federation and livestock of Aysen FAGA, the regionalist movement, Coalition citizen by Aysen Reserva of life and the grouping of forestry engineers by the native forest, which was the organization that He made an exhaustive analysis and information gathering that has resulted in identifying the existence of 300 thousand hectares corresponding to approximately 1,600 motions in different status of advancement that commit more than 800 farms at regional level (between private and protected areas in the State), estimating conservatively at more than 600 owners affected. FAGA, Arnoldo Cuevas, Vice President said on the occasion that we as farmers need more information, since this company has us very worried.

For example I am in the rural sector and the line goes by where I live. When measurements were taken and studies not be asked permission to anyone, only vehicles that were taking photographs were then knew that it was why. He added that in the case of the light we are worried much because we’re 6 miles from Coyhaique and I wouldn’t want to pass under such high voltage lines and where ranchers, farmers, farmers we are going to be affected. .

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