To Believe Or Not To Believe

  • Posted on June 22, 2018 at 5:02 am

To believe or not to believe? As in the religion (Efsios 4:14), also in the theories all we run the risk to be: ‘ ‘ for here and there for any wind of doutrina’ ‘ or teaching, if in moving away from the points origins to them of mooring cables. It starts reflecting with the facts: if everything was programmed to be here a bit of the sky, why the fruit forbidden in the garden of den (gn 2:9 and 3:1 – 7)? If the anger, the hatred, the envy and death notion not yet existed, what it took Caim to kill Abel (gn 4:4,5)? If the paper of the father is to instruct and to direct the son for the respect matureness and character, why Noah curses its Cam son only for a innocent laugh (gn 9:20 – 27)? If the base and structure of a family are the love and the shelter, why Abrao enxota Ismael so that Isaac was only its heir (gn 16:11 – 16; 17:18 e19; 25:17)? I temper if it of the peace is the love to the life, why the proper Creator of it creates in one alone womb and at the same time, two nations and determine that one will go to be against the other (gn 25:19 – 26; Rm 9:11 – 17)? Why Jac, in the hour to bless its grandsons, changes the hands on its heads (gn 48:12 – 20)? Why to harden as many times the heart of the Fara after it to agree to the proposals of Moiss (Former 4:21)? Why David, being one of the chosen ones, plans the murder of Urias to delight itself in Betsabia (2 Samuel: 11: 2-4, 14-18)? Without it Samuel would not exist Salomo (2: 12:24, 25)? Why Salomo, chosen wisest of the men, reproductive being, with more than a thousand women (1Rs 11:1)?.

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