The Letter Spin

  • Posted on March 2, 2021 at 3:11 am

There are people against which to develop a real phobia due to her gift. Anke is such an extraordinary being. When God distributed the talking, Anke must have reached to probably especially strong. After you had put the important things of the day behind, you forward to a cosy evening twosome on the sofa. On the table a glass of wine in her arms the woman and in the TV a good movie.

Life can be so beautiful sein…oder rather, could be so beautiful. As the movie with the Telekom would be connected, the phone rang precisely at the moment when the film started. Since I am by nature a phone ring, I certain short: \”You go.\”, which my wife replied equally briefly: \”Was clear.\” She pressed the button on the phone briefly with names and then rejoiced then: \”Hi Anke.\” How are you?\” After Anke had probably just issued its report on the General State of health, the key words were: \”when? Right? Yes super! Then in 20 minutes.\” While my dear wife said these words, I tried her wild gesticulating right to make that it was now really isn’t necessary. But she apparently thought that I wanted to distribute just the annoying fly that bugged me quite a while and hung up. The panic was in my eyes and my hair turned on, as I would have in a power socket. \”Now tell me not, Anke comes.\” I said with a small spark of hope in his voice.

Maybe I had understand yes also only slightly wrong. I had not! \”Yes my love, imagine. Anke is nearby and comes shortly after a cup of coffee over.\”flotete my better half. By for a cup of coffee. And \”short\” time certainly not! I know but Anke. Now only one half: escape! \”UM…Honey, I think of me ein…ich must also briefly times away.

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