The Education Of Senior Managers

  • Posted on January 2, 2021 at 9:41 pm

But beyond that asks: How could this be?, What reason these behaviors? Explanations does not suggest usual. It was a group of executives trained in some of the best schools of business administration in the world, and moreover some of the biggest earning annual wages of the American economy. A sharp American thinker Amitai Etzioni (2002) launched one of the major newspapers of the country, one basic question. sion. What’s happening with the education of senior managers, when given Enron and several other similar cases in a short time (World Com, Tycco, etc.)? Reviewed several studies concern. A survey by the Aspen Institute for 2000 graduates of the 13 leading business schools examined the ethical aspects that had to enter and exit. The latter was worse start. In another study, participants were asked if they could MBAs who would commit an illegal act that would give them (or your company) a gain of $ 100,000, the possibility of being discovered was 1% and no greater punishment a year.

More than a third said they would steal. Etzioni asks: What kind of training they are receiving? account of his experience as a professor at several business schools. He tried to give an impetus to teach ethics, had a strong rejection, did not see the need. And not only does not show highlights, but what is taught, and that is their major concern, often leads to perverse incentives. It usually consists of learning technology aimed at maximizing corporate profits, putting aside considerations of environmental protection, fair treatment to consumers, contribution to society, not exploitation of child labor in developing countries, and other practices incorrect.

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