The Best Way To Strengthen Commitment

  • Posted on June 26, 2017 at 5:34 pm

The bracelet of the Camino de Santiago seeks to increase the visits to it, is that the number of pilgrims is increasing every year in a route which is accessed by lots of reasons. Ildefonso Diaz is an Andalusian who has designed jewelry, created and registered a bracelet specially designed for all those with an interest in the road leading to Santiago de Compostela: The bracelet of the Camino de Santiago. Since in recent years has seen a great increase in visits and a popularization of the road and Jacobean years, this may be a good time to pay attention to new and attractive ways to highlight the importance of the Camino de Santiago. The rates of assistance to the road have soared in the last three years with an increase of more than sixty per cent by foreigners (in 2009 they approached the route eighty percent of Germans over 2006), 28 percent of Spanish, of which (in these three years) has increased one hundred per cent unemployed people moving to the way. Other increases include Madrid and Catalonia with more than fifty percent of visits compared to 2006, and yet has grown by more than sixty percent the number of over 65s who travel the pilgrim's route.

This shows that after these thousands of pilgrims impulses underlying concerns of the most varied. It is also clear that there is no specific age or style to make the walk, in that sense the Camino de Santiago is like the bracelet itself, which does not understand fashion or profiles, just fits into those who identify with it. A distinctive feature The bracelet is made up of different pieces engraved with symbols of the way, speaking of a unique life experience for everyone. It is made following the simple spirit of the pilgrim, with old silver cord and thread, available in different colors. Its design is easily integrated in all styles and are directly linked to the most emblematic and personal glimpse of each pilgrim. Represents the link with the road and its use may be related to formalize a commitment, taking it as a walker you identify, either because you have walked the path (or part thereof) or because you express your desire. You can also invite other people to approach the way and use the bracelet to go in a group, thereby consolidating a spiritual union, as well as physical. m

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