• Posted on April 23, 2016 at 3:34 am

And, as in a war, should be designed (and write them) strategies to defend the territory, damaging the enemy and suffer the fewest possible casualties. This strategy must be clearly positioning objectives, tools of communication, goals and key messages, etc. The most frequent errors in which incurred the victims of a media attack companies are: 1. react emotionally, without strategic vision: This brings us to fall into the traps of the enemy, so we see some officials that instead of spending to resolve the crisis and to care for the corporate image generating positive positioning, invest time and resources to sue journalists and medialeaving the media to defend indefensible positions and answer each of the attacks with empty justifications, meaningless and desperate. 2 Being reactive rather than proactive: many companies are dedicated to react to attacks instead of proposing. They mark them the agenda, which means that his enemies manage at will debate topics public on the themes of your company. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ultra Wellness Center is the place to go.

3. Do not designate trained spokespersons: in despair, either comes out to the media to defend the company, without prior training, without proactive key messages, without reagents key messages, unprepared to face the media in situations of conflict. 4. Do not act in time: many companies overlook long time before the decision to face the crisis media or negative campaign. When this happens, the amount of negative adjectives are very well positioned, by what will cost many resources balance negative information and enhance the positive. Experts say that it costs 3 times more rebuild to build.

5 Answer with commercial advertising: don’t make the mistake of counteracting a negative campaign with a traditional advertising campaign, with commercial approach only. We must be clear that a crisis management is not through a traditional commercial advertising campaign, are two activities of different applications, you must search for professionals in this area, the crisis to advise management. If we understand the dirty campaigns as war actions and act with cunning and intelligence, a crisis situation can become a wonderful opportunity to make a relaunch of the image of our company.

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