• Posted on June 2, 2014 at 9:27 am

I’ve always suspected that all school regulations dictates it, frustration and social retaliation, people who are absolutely illiterate. Only this can explain that every law on the matter is worse than the previous. The penultimate: that of that students with three or four outstanding subjects only pursue those disciplines the following year and spend the rest of the day touching noses. It is, just, they need school children with problems and educational deficiency: dedicate to relaxation rather than to the effort. I know, already, that this application, the character, the will and the discipline are not more than retrograde attitudes and even fascists and that cool, what’s cool, the progressive are pleasure and indulgence, only genuinely democratic virtues. With them, however, we have already two generations that are expressed more worst and probably in several languages, including the languages vernacular, but even so with less ability to communicate that before, that know how to use the computer with ease but are incapable of simple mental calculation and have knowledge of often colorful themes but ignore universal history and geography.

Why, when I hear the insistent patochada that young people are better prepared generation in our history, I remember what they said the forgotten Ortega y Gasset about many diplomats: beings illiterate, although they operate correctly shovels the fish at a luncheon. Said this, I agree with the Board of Castilla y Leon and the Generalitat valenciana in which suspended schoolchildren may repeat the course with the idea, if not improve the knowledge acquired, Yes at least of not losing them during the next academic year. The bad thing is that our legislators believe that learn It is a punishment, rather than a source of pleasure, and that the study is a burden instead of the joyful hope of a better future personal and collective. But clear, discover these as simple things would be that they, poor things, had studied at the time, which, seen so, seems very unlikely. Original author and source of the article.

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