Relief Act

  • Posted on July 13, 2016 at 11:02 am

However, it reduces the time for which it is paid. The short money for the first time 2010 applied, it is paid only still up for 18 months, so far the duration was 24 months. The current Short-time scheme is limited at first until 31.12.2010. A month later, on 01.02.2010, labour law banning the so-called genetic snooping into force. The Gendiagnosikgesetz prohibits future basically any kind of genetic investigation in the workplace.

This is not only constitutionally protected rights of workers protected, it also prevents that dismisses these employer due to a possibly genetic modification with the employee. The dropped have been increased as usual at the turn of the year in accordance with the development of the income. The contribution assessment ceiling in the pension and unemployment insurance rises to 100 EUR to monthly 5500 EUR (old Lander) or 4650 EUR (new Lander). The same applies to the statutory sick. and long-term care insurance, whose Grenze is raised to EUR 75 to EUR 3750. The overlying portion of income remains free of social security. For freelance artists (E.g.

musicians, painters, actors, dancers, Journalists) the contribution to the artist social security, with disease, unemployment and pensions of these professional groups will be protected, lowered. In the future pay freelancers of this professions only still 3.9% 4.4% contributions. Good news also for foreigners. If you have only an Aufenthaltserlaubnisauf sample, may provisionally in Germany stay longer. The right to stay for this group was extended by two years until 2011, so that more than 30,000 refugees are initially tolerated and not deported. In this time, they have also the opportunity to seek a permanent residence permit. 3. after the citizens Relief Act of July 2009, all citizens from 2010 can deduct their pension expenditure, i.e. in particular the beneficiary contributions to health and long-term care insurance tax of up to 1,900 EUR retirement allowance.

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