Peter Bonofiglio

  • Posted on May 8, 2017 at 6:06 pm

Always accompany the public along the route and always interacting with them, if only to tell them to shut up. But while the aim of understanding more than covered it, not so much the image. And there is that there was the odd person over of kilos and, truth, accustomed as he is one to see the signing of wearing clothes the bodies of sculptural models, the thing squeaked a bit. A similar feeling I had the other day when I went to the Palace of Vistalegre to see the two best teams in the ACB league face each other. While most of those present went away thinking at the fantastic display an erratic Barcelona to Real Madrid, I was dismayed with the speaker of the flag dress. It turns out that the white team, among the many elements of entertainment that includes in its field, has one of the most renowned masters of ceremonies at the scene, Peter Bonofiglio.According to what has the protagonist (see accompanying video from minute one), the insurer MMT is responsible for the guy performs his duties wherever the company has signed a sponsorship. Last year I was in the students and this year is on the street. So far, all right. But what no longer suits me is to put the game jersey to perform its task. And it happens just as the stewards that mentioned in the first paragraph. Lacking a physical stylized fact is a color, highlighting remote MMT a belly full of certain values that evokes the sport. This is not to say that fat people can not animate a basketball game, but if they do better in plain clothes. There is to be careful when choosing where to place a mark. In soil and in overweight rates, better think twice. Note: the photo is the forum “White Heart” and the interview from “Your Basket.

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