Parts Replacement

  • Posted on January 25, 2018 at 3:41 am

Choosing parts and accessories for their vehicles, often wonders about what to buy – the original or equivalent? How to relate these two measures of price and quality? To begin with, the original (genuine) spare parts guarantee for 100% quality and compliance with established standards. Original parts are marked trademark of the manufacturer, and can be purchased only at the centers of its sales and service network. Learn more about this with Michael Chabon . These parts should be durable, so they are made in strict accordance with the characteristics of the materials under strict quality control. To manufacturer could provide a full range of warranty coverage and quality of repair of equipment, from dealers, in strict order of stimulation required for consumers to use only original spare parts for servicing vehicles of the company. Genuine Parts produced by the equipment manufacturers, their subsidiaries and independent factories of subcontractors on the order and in accordance with the specifications of manufacturing companies. Thus, the original part – this is the part that is installed on the car during assembly, or for sale by the manufacturer as spares. It is packed in its original packaging, which usually is a hologram.

On packaging applied to the original code details, given the right which is guaranteed an exact match when you install on your technique. It is these parts installed by the manufacturer of your machine at the plant during its assembly and recommended them for her service. However, note that sometimes the manufacturer's ordering parts to build their equipment from third parties. Naturally, to get the right to pursue supply parts for pipeline may only the best manufacturers. Buy parts directly from these "best" – this is probably the only way to get money, too, for a lower price. For example, the company N – basic provider (within the product group) for many equipment manufacturers.

Delivering them to their parts, as a rule, they contain symbols and codes of the original, it can carry significant sales to aftermarket parts (aftermarket). Just the same parts will be sold already in his package. By purchasing items from a company can sometimes be seen traces of the removal from the surface of parts of a logo Manufacturer and / or the original code. This is understandable – to sell to the symbolism, for example Caterpillar, – to violate the contract with the manufacturer. Goes something like the original, packed in a non-original packaging. This is exactly the Alternatively, when you can save considerably without losing quality. However, only experts in the field of spare parts, complete analysis of correspondences can install original parts. Note that all Manufacturers Aftermarket, which the company operates "TvinAvto" – world-renowned brands and have a certificate of compliance with European quality standards.

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