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  • Posted on April 10, 2016 at 11:42 pm

In particular, avoids making transplantation of orchids when they in a very dry season. 3. What benefits will be your? orchids at the time of the transplant? It depends on the reason why you’ve decided to do the transplant. But in any case your orchids begin to put down new roots and produced new children strong, green and large insurance will give you beautiful flowers. When have done you the transplant since your orchids have quite a few bulbs or pseudobulbs, the benefit for them is that now your children will be born with more space and will receive more light, which will help them to grow and bloom quickly, helping you to nicely decorate these interior spaces or gardens that you like. The direct benefit for you, will be the possibility of having more orchids without that you’ve invested a single penny on it. Once they are well established, you can use them for your decoration of interior spaces and gardens. 4 What materials need to transplant your orchids? Uses this list for that at the moment of executing this activity you is not nothing: (a) (b) sealant chlorine (can be a chemist who sold for this or cinnamon paste) (c) well-sharpened pruning shears (d) clean pot (e) clean and wash medium Orchid transplantation technique is simple, but at the same time dangerous.

It is important that you review each step thoroughly and to take into account those actions that could be fatal for them. Little by little, in other installments, we’ll be talking in detail of this technique, so you can learn it completely and without errors, so the orchids in your decoration do not die in the attempt and will allow you to you gradually increase your personal collection, managing to decorate with them your interior spaces and gardens. . I hope that this contribution of today you have served to clarify a little more idea you have about how and why transplant orchids. We will continue seeing us, until then a greeting, Patricia g. Ortega Webmaster from there you can find (ebooks, reports and free articles on care, cultivation and spaces with Orchid decoration.

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