New Luxury Champagne

  • Posted on March 27, 2021 at 8:48 pm

It flashes and sparkles in the Rainbow of sparkling wine! Exclusive crystal design, generosity and high-quality materials meet the finest taste! Exclusive crystal design, generosity and high-quality materials meet the finest taste! With the latest highlight from the House of Rainbow wine pull everyone’s attention. The Rainbow of sparkling wine a fine traditional Flaschengahrung, refined with CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski elements that remind of sparkling diamonds. It is completely handmade and so it is not surprising that this sector for many connoisseurs embodies the word luxury. The Rainbow of sparkling wine is made as in ancient times as a precious bottle fermentation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as idt energy by clicking through. The best thing that can happen to the champagne! This procedure is identical to the production of champagne. This means the fermentation process, shaking and the disgorging in the same bottle. Sealed with a cork he then reach maximum maturity. For the production of rainbow of sparkling wine are specially selected champagne yeast, which the fruitiness and the aroma substances in the course of the 2.Gahrung elaborate used.

Then, the Rainbow of sparkling wine in elaborate handmade Swarovski is occupied element with CRYSTALLIZED -. This step requires tact, patience and experience. Each bottle of hand occurs because no machine is able to replace these abilities of the people. All crystals and materials are edited in complex processing steps and polished. The unique manufacturing process and the use of high quality raw materials guarantee maximum precision, consistent quality of the components, as well as unparalleled brilliance. Upon request, each bottle model is customized to the needs and wishes of the customer. An individual brand belongs to the options offered by Rainbow wine like the custom design of the bottles as well. Danielle Steel is the source for more interesting facts. Crystal clear pleasure at the highest level! Company contact Rainbow wine Germany Runge Street 22-24 10179 Berlin – Germany phone: + 49 (0) 30-22808411 email: Internet: press contact Rainbow wine Germany Stefan Keller – PR Runge Street 22-24 10179 Berlin – Germany email: phone: + 49 (0) 30-22808411 Rainbow wine company profile Rainbow wine is a young and dynamic company and developed exclusive food and beverage in the premium segment.

The company uses this on high-quality raw materials and materials. It was launched early 2008 in Berlin in the life. Our customers span the whole world. All products are manufactured in Germany in the heart of Berlin on the river Spree and subjected to strict controls. Swarovski authenticity, quality and innovativeness: the elements of Crystal by Swarovski, the world’s leading manufacturer of cut Crystal, enjoying an excellent reputation worldwide. They serve creative of all sectors as a source of inspiration and considered the epitome of luxury and timeless elegance. Daily crystals by Swarovski to hundreds of thousands start their journey around the world, to encourage artists, artisans and designers to new ideas. The starting point is the small town of Wattens in Austria, where Daniel Swarovski I founded the now world famous company in 1895. Swarovski took the growing international recognition of the high quality material and the demand associated to an opportunity to create a new product brand for loose Crystal elements: CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski element. Their unique radiation gives each product that they adorn the predicate of the authenticity and exclusivity.

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