Network Social Facebook

  • Posted on January 3, 2021 at 11:18 pm

Until some time ago enter internet it meant joining Google, now the network social Facebook has become in the middle and is very close to Twitter. Moreover, only last year in television did not speak of social networks, now refer the majority of programs, and receive free advertising in the listings for telephone companies. Others including Paul McCartney, offer their opinions as well. In our daily life increasingly more we use Facebook to communicate us for an appointment, go to a party or see that they are making friends. Go out and look at the corner to see what people in the neighborhood is now digital, ladies already do not come much, prefer to take advantage of hours of College of the grandson. Download our activity of all life on facebook.-now there is much more to do with the social network Facebook. At the beginning of October they announced that all our activity towards our computer could download. As in real life, we now can, with confidence, see all our history online: reviews, videos, images, messages, etc.

All options of privacy in one place.-There are always groups that are not happy with the privacy on Facebook, but at the same time quality service, calls which is incompatible with the zero tolerance of privacy. There is something to share to make things to our liking. Social groups with in life real.-the way how to make groups in the social network facebook changes completely. Groups that are already formed remain as they are, but now new groups will be like in real life, with the people spoken with more frequency or with people that speaks of the same topics as us. In a group of real-life there is an administrator, all contribute, either brings one friend. And it goes with chat and email group. It is tremendous, I want to see how this works, with security is the most significant changes in facebook.

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