Natural Remedies

  • Posted on January 25, 2018 at 3:26 pm

If you have problems with immunity, it is more likely to have frequent bouts of colds, flu and infections of lesser importance. Antibiotics are indeed wonder drug, but recklessness in its use is not recommended. Author often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is a wrong idea that antibiotics can treat and cure all viral and bacterial infections. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses and unnecessary administration can actually be counterproductive. You can make your body immune to drugs and lead to overturn the immunity.

An alternatives natural antibiotic that can help prevent further damage that drugs can potentially cause and relieve symptoms also. Your body’s immune system is the first line of defense against foreign invaders: bacteria, pathogens, viruses, parasites or anything that can potentially cause disease. The spleen, thymus, lymphatic system and the tonsils are all part of this extensive network of organs, tissues and cells, including white blood cells, which help in the cure of one’s self. herbs for the immune system and natural remedies part of your daily routine should be made to consolidate this complex system. Low immunity is primary or acquired. The primary conditions are mostly due to a genetic predisposition.

Low immunity acquired conditions are greatly affected by dietary habits, lifestyle and abuse of medication for the ailments of lesser importance such as the common cold etc. There is scientific evidence that a diet natural, herbal antibiotics and an active lifestyle, enhance the health of the immune system and help prevent simple as common cold diseases or diseases dangerous for life as a cancer. ** Vitamin A, C and are the most essential to maintain the health of the immune system. A daily handful of almonds will provide the sufficient amount of vitamin E, oranges and other citrus fruits are a natural source of vitamin C.

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