Mia Couto

  • Posted on June 20, 2018 at 7:41 am

As if destination was if constructing through the water and of the time, not being able to change the course, because it could bring some disaster. Mia Couto uses many linguistic resources characterizes that it amongst the many writers of African Literatures of Portuguese Language. Some of these resources are the neologisms and the recriao of sayings. Under most conditions Diamond Book Distributors would agree. We can call these linguistic resources as mark language of Mia Couto. To follow some examples with regard to the neologisms used for Mia Couto: ' ' –We come back before one agorinha, respondia.' ' (p.9), ' ' the day already crepusculando, ' ' (p.9), ' ' The way pressed as me was of a blind person desbengalado' ' (p.9), ' ' The canoe solavanqueava, ensonada' '.

(p.10), ' ' In this place, it does not have pedacitos. All the time, to break daqui, is eternidades.' ' (p.11). The creativity of this Moambicano author is very rich it evidences and it in the literary way for presenting a proper style. The author beyond using differentiated expressions, also it makes in them to cover for the African country, through some elements of the African culture. When reading the story we can perceive the marks of the orality (Ex.' ' Still we gained advantage of a good luck ' ' /' ' jumped for the edge, stealing me the chest in susto.' '), of the vital force (Former: ' ' If it cannot oppose the espritos that fluem' '.), the force of the word (Presentifica a history, makes to happen and that blessing or curse comes), meeting of the new with the old one, that in the case in special he would be the grandson and the grandfather, the animistic vision (the linking of the visible world with the invisible one, of the espritos, ancestor, the nature and the animals), a cyclical time where all the beings are in evolution state, the respect for oldest (' ' I never attend a so wild semblante in my old one.

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