Logica Problem

  • Posted on May 21, 2017 at 10:56 am

Juan Perez is a high school student as any student is responsible for a number of materials you need to study almost daily. Able to perform well in all except in one: The math. Juan perez why has this problem? Why does understand the other subjects, but not mathematics? Because the time was already losing this matter, decided to find a solution to your problem. To do this, consult first his own teacher of mathematics, but little attention because they thought that John was merely negligent and careless to study the matter. Desperate to your problem asked for divine guidance, that several days later proved unsuccessful, as we found in a library, was noted as a man sat at a table with a book of mathematics, which enjoyed a lot, while only saw smiles on their face. How can a person enjoys both mathematics? This was the question that John was done. Since he was desperate for your problem, do not hesitate to stand his post and head towards the man who enjoyed both The Math Book: Good afternoon, sir. Can I ask you a question? Yeah right girl.

What do you ask? I’ve seen you enjoy a lot with this book that is studying mathematics and the truth is I’m going through problems with that stuff, it’s more I’m currently failing. My question is: How do you do to enjoy both mathematics? Young, the truth is that everything depends on the approach that you give to mathematics and logic with which the study. Juan was surprised with the response of this man: How so, explain more in detail? juan said almost begging. if young, the big problem they do not understand mathematics is not logic that dominate the logical drive and I have called: Logica intuitive. What is the intuitive logic? Asked Juan.

The intuitive logic is one that lets you know if a problem or mathematical exercise is well resolved. ! How wonderful! juan said. ! A logic that lets me know if an exercise or mathematical problem solved is right or wrong! Ensenemela please. Well, I can say is that mathematics is based on laws or principles that need to know. For example: gravity is a law of nature on our planet earth. Just as there is this universal law, so do the laws or principles of mathematics. When you master these laws, then you begin to understand the logic of mathematics. sir, please ….. Teach those laws. Okay, I’ve fallen well and I’ll show you the most important: a) the Act of the same. b) the law of the solution. c) the law of the base. In the law of equal, always leads to another term term that even look different, remains the same. The law of the solution, all well-posed problem is essentially a solution. There may be several procedures, but the solution is the same. The basic law of all mathematical issue, part of another subject base. Must necessarily know to be able to master this or any topic. Juan reflecting a huge smile, finally began to understand why they did not understand mathematics and promised to this man, think about these laws and not rest until knowledge and applications.

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