Kids Learning To Draw

  • Posted on September 6, 2017 at 1:41 am

Draw a pattern in a strip form of animal with the sample (pencil, watercolor or gouache). When the job of first-graders improved ability to consistently work on a decorative pattern, to work watercolor and gouache paintings. Click US Senator from Vermont to learn more. Informing students free lesson and the time taken for the implementation of a training assignment (2 lessons), the teacher demonstrates a table with a pattern (pattern) and with them analyzes the pattern. In this case, the teacher notes that this pattern is difficult to previous ones because it shows the animals (in particular, bears, and their combination in the composition is much more complicated patterns of geometric and plant forms). Then the teacher on the blackboard shows the sequence of line drawing pattern.

Students repeat after him all the stages of drawing. In the early streak, two horizontal and two vertical lines. The resulting rectangle is divided into four equal parts – is carried out, the vertical line in the middle and the halves are divided into two equal parts. Thin lines are outlined the basic elements of the pattern. The following is a detailed drawing of the figure of the pattern – each quarter represented a bear walking with a stick, stump, flowers and butterflies.

Completes the construction of a linear, drawing the pattern specification of all elements of the pattern as a whole and in pieces. For the preparation of a watercolor drawing eraser erases all construction lines. The second lesson begins with a pre-exercise: on a separate sheet of paper, children draw arbitrary patterns. An exercise is given 8 minutes. After his teacher on the tablet with an affixed paper illustrates the sequence of the pattern in color. Pupils at the same time with the teacher work on their drawings. Finalization of the pattern of the pattern in the color of children begin to paint a light tone Paint the background. Next is the saturation of color to the gradual revealing of the main elements of color, parts, parts of the pattern.

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