• Posted on November 20, 2017 at 2:11 am

One of the first considerations for a couple planning their wedding is the kind of invitations that are to be used. The first form of invitation to a wedding was of course word of mouth. This is the age of the printing press and the internet. In the 12th century, in the Centre of the village, the advertiser of the people stood to shout a wedding announcement. The advertiser was paid so that it will stop in the center of town to announce loudly the day’s news.

The first written invitations to a wedding have emerged thanks to the monks during the middle ages. Because of the plague, only royalty and the monks had the opportunity to learn to read and write. The nobility paid heavy sums of money monks to make handmade invitations to weddings for their children. Maryland Governor understands that this is vital information. The monks became experts in calligraphy and nobility appreciating this art. When the invitations were ready, they gave up on horseback by a courier.

It was also during this time that he began to use the coat of arms of the surname to be able to identify the different noble families. For the 17TH century had invented the engraving technique. Engraved invitations became popular during this era. Recorded once the invitation stood on top of it a fine paper so the ink does not run. In the 18th century the invitations began to also publish in newspapers. As the number of people who knew reading and writing increased, it was becoming more common use of printed invitations. There are many ways to invite family and friends to a wedding today, on paper, cardboard, by e-mail and many more. However, it is interesting that the most popular form of invitations for a wedding is still a printed invitation with a personal touch. Even in this technological age there are some traditions that survive for its elegance and simplicity. Original author and source of the article.

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