Internet Connections

  • Posted on February 18, 2018 at 12:41 am

If all conditions are satisfied, you can install a special antenna, just like a television set (on the roof, pole, tree ) and to send a shout antenna directly to the access point. Itself antenna cable connects to the radio card on the computer. Quality and data rate acceptable, however, may depend on weather conditions. The equipment of course must be spend. Connection via cdma or gsm modem. The advantage of such a connection method – mobility and independence from the mobile phone. Any cdma or gsm operator provides internet services, it is you can buy a modem.

Characteristics of speed and quality of data transmission are the same as when connecting via mobile phone. Satellite Internet – connection via satellite. More recently, this method of connection has been virtually accessible to ordinary users. Now the situation is changing. Number of providers offering satellite Internet connection services is increasing with each passing day and as a consequence of falling prices for services. Satellite Internet is used when no alternative connection. You can be anywhere: in the desert, taiga, on a desert island – satellite internet, you will! Satellite Internet can be one-sided (Only works at the reception) and two-way (receiving and sending). The advantages of satellite Internet connection – especially a very low cost traffic.

The cost of the equipment and connections are now available for almost everyone and is about 200-300 U.S. dollars (meaning one-sided connection). Data rate varies considerably depending on the provider and service plan selected by the user. Satellite Internet providers offer a very wide range of tariff plans, including unlimited. Very nice bonus is the possibility of free reception of satellite television. Minus one-way satellite Internet connection is a need for a channel for outbound traffic – a phone line or phone with support gprs. However, now it's not so much problem. Minus two-way satellite connection – the high price of equipment. For the satellite internet connection to such equipment: – satellite dish – satellite modem – converter for signal conversion.

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