How To Overcome A Breakup In 5 Steps

  • Posted on November 2, 2017 at 10:26 am

Photo PUZZLE 1000 by Blume Fou, on Flickr all want to be happy and we believe that having a partner give us that happiness we both seek. Everything goes well while we have it, but what happens when this relationship ends?, when the person in which we have put so many expectations and dreams are going on our side and leaves us?, how do we face such situations?, how do we live life from that moment? For the vast majority, this is a very difficult and painful situation, appear many fears, insecurities, disappointments and resentments and pain can be very deep and is this?, why they feel so much pain? The vast majority believe that because we have lost the person that makes us happy or that gives us security, love, or company. But what if this isn’t causes real our pain? Do so if you are in our hands we feel well that person whether or not on our side? And for this reason would you invite that follow these 5 steps: 1. note what are the thoughts that appear in your mind when you feel bad. What is it that tells you your mind? It is possible to tell you things like: without he or she will not be happy, I’m not good enough / a, is very difficult and sad to be alone / a, I need someone beside me to be happy, it’s gone with someone better that I, who think the rest of me, I can not find someone else, there is something wrong with me why is gone note painful and stressful thoughts that appear, thoughts of which we are not even aware sometimes. When we think thoughts like these, it is not surprising that we feel how 2 do it. He questioned these painful thoughts and checks if they are true. If you allow you to question the veracity of what your mind tells you, you will realize that actually, what makes you suffer is not that the person is gone if not what you think that it means, history that you have to ask if it is true, if you can know that it is true with absolute certainty (and please reply with a simple Yes or no) that you will not be happy without him or her, you’re not good enough / to because your partner is gone, which is very difficult and sad to be alone, you need someone beside you to be happy, that it has gone with someone better than you, that others will think badly of you, that you will not find another person, that there is something wrong with you why is gone when we do not dispute these thoughts and believe they are truth suffer, went wrong, and when we do not believe these thoughts or do not have these thoughts in our mind are well 3.

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