Holding Press

  • Posted on July 27, 2020 at 5:18 am

Without a hint Please do not consider this heading straight too. Discussed in the article goes on "jeans" or custom-made articles, and compiling innocuous at first glance, press releases, can be the spark in a barrel of gunpowder with inscription "Effective Advertising". Yes, it's not a typo – press releases today, one can take seriously the ad text. They do not just sell products and services to consumers, and information – journalists. Representatives of the media act As the target audience, which should hit the relevance set out in the press release of information (and, honestly, and sometimes regular news reason to run like a new project, production line plastic bags and then, as far as fantasy).

A result of "sales" are specific to the publication of authoritative websites, in print and electronic media. In the fields of the preparation of press releases I have already touched on in one of his article "Personal opinion on press releases." Then the recommendations were limited to three items: Make an interesting title, to provide more information about the event, including the background (a variety of additional information on the topic); Write simple and accessible language. An example of good press releases, filled with information on the subject, can serve as a press release about the partnership online agency Medialend.ru and rbc Media or press releases "Ensey Holding" (links to documents at the bottom of the page). Unfortunately, in today's world, where any mention of a news article or seen as advertising, at least – as "an obvious public relations" – to force journalists to write even about interesting events, which occurred in a small or medium company, it becomes increasingly difficult.

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