• Posted on January 3, 2018 at 4:56 am

2raumwohnnung in one of their songs sing benefits of a fan even at colder temperatures 36 degrees, no fan, no hard seems to me”. “Actually, it should probably say: life feel very hard”, because heat is grateful for every breath. A fan distributes only the air in the room and can not fully cool down, but by its draught fan Hitzegeplagten gives a soothing relief because there is a difference between perceived and actual temperature. The fan as an alternative to the air conditioner can not everyone at 36 degrees outside temperature can enjoy a cool drink and doze in the shade, but needs to focus on his work. Not all offices have air conditioning all thing.

A fan therefore is the right solution for Office space and the people working there. But even at night, the heat without a fan can be torturous. In addition to proven tricks like one lukewarm shower before going to bed and wet wipes, which are distributed in the bedroom, a fan in the corner of the room provides a pleasant cooling. A fan can save heating costs, but even in cold weather can be a fan of high value. A fan specifically of the ceiling fan has the advantage of a forward and reverse option to have, so to speak, a summer and winter operation. Thus nothing precludes even in the cold season using a fan. In winter operation ensures the fan on the ceiling to ensure that the warm air that rises due to physical properties, enters the Chamber down, where it is desired. The warmer air mixes with the cooler so that up to 30 percent less energy for heating is required. A fan contributes to a pleasant room temperature even in the winter.

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