• Posted on July 30, 2013 at 2:55 pm

As everyone knows that the family is the pillar and Foundation of the development of every human being, East by both should provide physical, mental and emotional health; allowing them to achieve an organization, structure and functioning of such, which can determine a stable way in individual life and group this with the particular characteristics of each family will be determined by various factors such as their customs, habits, context, social and economic position, etc., but under healthy acceptance of their reality. What functional family projects is: in the functional family: relationships are well established. Accepted the hierarchy or the existence of authorities family the parents-under the respect and love. Are positive for all their members. All action leads them invariably to reach a clear agreement on the exercise of the live and coexist. This is reflected in the satisfaction of being together. Family members, willingness to accept determine special and specific times for live together, no matter the age or individual activities. The search for other groups that replaced the family hardly occurs.

They coexist with the ability to recognize that each of them have individual needs and interests. So you need some degree of privacy. Respect for each of them and their needs. There is no conditioning or being tried or prosecuted for being different from the rest of the family. There are no internal coalitions or competence among the members of the family.

They behave as a group requiring no subgroups to achieve objectives. The limits of the family are clear and everyone sees it as a unit. The education system is accepted. There are no assaults, impositions or powers fight among members. This because everyone knows partakers of the approaches within the family and have adopted them as their own. It is a structure of bargaining to fix conflicts. There is flexibility. There is authoritarianism. Presents a clear communication that allows the spontaneity.

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