Dominican Republic

  • Posted on August 10, 2016 at 10:11 am

In the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic 1854 fatal road traffic casualties were reported at the end of 2008, by what is said that our country was tinged with claims that year.To this figure should be added the wounded by this cause who died after 30 days.The behavior of the statistics in recent times, inferred in this regard reached more than 2,300 dead on the pavement. Which is to say, that in our territory die 5 to 6 people every day in traffic accidents.20% Of the deaths due to the siniestralidades in the vehicular traffic occurred in the Santo Domingo province, when recorded a turnover of 375 deaths in 2008. San Cristobal is the second city with the highest number of deaths on the tracks, with 170 fatalities. Details can be found by clicking Novelist or emailing the administrator. While you are still, La Altagracia with 131, Santiago and the National District to 123 with 109 deaths in traffic accidents that year.In Pedernales and Elias Pina were the provinces You were reported where less amount of victims, adding together the two, 9 deaths.The months of greater accident rate recorded in the country were March and December, coinciding with the periods of Easter and Christmas holidays, respectively.Only during the summer of 2008 512 fatalities were recorded in tracks, period of high accident rates. Loss of force ProductivLas deaths from road accidents in 2008 were in larger number in young people between 15 and 29 years. And secondly in road users between 30 and 44 years of age.However, could be more dramatic if data were better clarified.Something that we would have to highlight is that 57 per cent of those affected corresponds to people in full productive period. In where it was reported throughout all of 2008, 79 dead young people of 18 years of age. Men Vs. women in the Viasmensualmente 22 women died in road accidents in the Republic.

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