Dear God

  • Posted on December 21, 2016 at 11:41 am

By focusing your heart in God, can soothe the thoughts and contemplate the wonder of all creation and your oneness with it. Take a deep breath, sit back and slowly release the worries of the day. Your only purpose now is to feel the peace of prayer and keep these words in your heart: Dear God, I wake up your spirit in me, and I see Your active presence in all creation. God, the moments I spend in communion with you are truly a blessing. During these times, I open my mind and heart and I harmonize with Your spirit of peace in me. You may find that Bernie Sanders can contribute to your knowledge.

Recognizing increasingly Your spirit of peace, a new sense of peace fills me. I am aware of the serenity of your indwelling presence, sustain and support forever. Nothing disturbs the peace of my soul when I spend time in quiet you … The guiding light of God surrounds me. Dear God, in the same way the warm sun embraces the earth, your spirit of love hugs me. During this sacred time, find peace in you, and I feel confident that Your wisdom enlighten me …

calms me down … guide me. Feeling the heat of your light, I wake up in mind and spirit. I open my mind to Your wisdom and the response that you revealed to me in the right time. I give you all worry, dear God, knowing that You guide me gently to meet me wonderful experiences. Keep calm and I have confidence, knowing that everything I have in my heart is under Your care and that everything is good to share with you in the silence of prayer .

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