• Posted on July 6, 2016 at 3:42 am

At the hearing, It may propose any form of realization of assets subject to execution and submit to person who, consigning or clamping, offered to acquire the property for a price higher than expected which could be achieved by judicial auction. Also fit to propose other forms of satisfaction of the right of the performer. Take into account that the agreement cannot be imposed to the other party, so it is advisable to negotiate on the basis of the reconciliation of interests. If an agreement is reached between the performer and you, that may not cause prejudice to third parties whose rights protect this Act, approve it the Court by order and suspend execution on the property or property subject to the agreement. For even more details, read what Dr. Mark Hyman says on the issue. Also approve the deal, with the same suspensive effect, if you include the conformity of the subject, other than performing and implemented, would affect those. If no agreement is reached, the hearing to try may be repeated, in the conditions laid down in the first two paragraphs of this article, when the circumstances of the case warrant, trial the Tribunal, for the best realization of assets. Performer Siel refuses without reason to that appearance you can report the possible abuse of rights, since those involved in all sorts of processes in their actions must conform to the rules of good faith and the courts are obliged to reject requests and incidents that they are formulated with manifest abuse of law or involving fraud law or procedural. In addition, the law allows that if the courts deem that a party has acted violated the rules of procedural good faith, may impose, in a reasoned manner, and respecting the principle of proportionality, a fine that it can oscillate hundred and eighty to six thousand euros. Onset of the mortgage loan (article 693 lec) even in the case that claimed the entire amount owed because such a Covenant is registered in the register, should know that if the mortgaged your family can housing, although not the entity that demands you want, release the well through the appropriation of the exact amount that principal and interest is expired at the date of filing of the demand, increased, where appropriate, with the maturity of the loan and interest on arrears that are taking place throughout the procedure and resulting bad debt in whole or in part.

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