Communication Within The Classroom

  • Posted on May 4, 2016 at 1:18 am

What is communication? In this letter I would like to make known the importance of communication in the field of education. Since each of us in our classrooms we carry every day this practice with our students and the community in general since the communication is an important reference in education. Every one of us sometimes give us the task of implementing strategies in our classroom that has allowed to know the great diversity of language that exists in our teaching; more without me however do not give the importance that deserves or simply ignore those small details that in my opinion are the basis to improve a small part and contribute in this teaching-learning scenario. Since we have a great competition with the media but we can not dismiss it but if we can maximize what programs that allow us to facilitate the learning of children on the basis of their conceptions. Communication in the classroom: the communication takes place in the formal education process in the classroom: between the teacher and the student. Since the classroom is just this communication process that is not simply an exchange of words. As its name suggests is a process which the student expresses his ideas, feelings, emotions, experiences, arguments, values personal, tastes, preferences and aspirations that every day is observed in the class.

Now how many times have permissible do students express their ideas, feelings, emotions etc.?. But the majorities of the times we are in this position: within practice traditionalist teaching and communication process places the student as receivers which doesn’t allow you to interact since the teacher is who makes the rules and establishes restrictive towards a student. would be best the language school? Communication in the classroom or in the classroom influences: the school language. One of the four universe linguistic since each carries its own logic and rationality.Takes place the classroom where one is wide range of microlenguajes that interact at various levels and whose effect is felt inside the classroom. Does the school language is characterized by its official status which are:? Content, educational policies according to the needs of the same institution: specialization and feature of spaces, physical structure of the classroom, teaching materials, furniture and belongings. The official curriculum of the curriculum as: structure, content selection who believe that it is necessary to transmit it in education: knowledge and skills that you must have educating them with your desire to homogenize these knowledges. But, as we all know in our classroom we find a cultural diversity which does not standardize the knowledge but; said (study plan) can make adjustments; Depending on the need of students and to the context in which is allowing the construction and reconstruction of knowledge (learning and teaching). & nbs p; & n bsp; Original author and source of the Article

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