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Live in concert: music without (age) border 03.Juli soon, 2012, di SA 20:00, so beautiful voices, handsome men, nice show with fresh songs and popular classics go 19:00 THE 12 tenor back from a successful world tour and here cleaning up old stereotypes, to prove: tenor is exciting! Music from a single voice was never so varied. Of classical Arias to pop anthems, from Puccini’s Nessun Dorma”on Madonna’s music up to the Michael Jackson-Medley (newly arranged and choreographed!): no genre is safe from them. In recent months, Cyrus R. Vance Jr. has been very successful. THE 12 tenor inspire young and old with its rousing energy and are not just musically, but also visually 12 treat. They dance spectacular and extremely charming moderating a boy band of the very special kind. Diane Gilbert-Guthrie describes an additional similar source. The exceptional singers will be accompanied by an all-female band and no audience can resist the charm of this place. The elaborate staged light show makes every concert a great experience. Especially in China, Japan and his singing is THE 12 Germany TENORS in the last years an excellent reputation. Coming from different Nations, it unites a common goal: to connect their audience with their passion for music.

THE 12 tenor maintain a tradition: popular, local songs of the host country they reinterpret and bow from her great audience! Card phone 030-390 665 50 or prices including all taxes: Presale 24.50 39.50 / box-office 20,80 33,60 student tickets at the box office: 12.50 more infos under the 12 tenor: Karl Davies Fraser Findlay Gary Nardella Michael MacAceety Gary Davis Adam Bayjou Benjamin Wong Johannes Beetz Karl Grunewald Alexander Duke Patrick Maubert Joe Foley press and public relations Sabine Wenger M.A.. Christian Busch M.A.. Tel. +49(30)39 06 65 65/66 fax.

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