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  • Posted on February 24, 2021 at 5:18 pm

Tactics to beat the labor exclusion writes: Lic. Candela Ricardo Casas. Other leaders such as Paul McCartney offer similar insights. Getting a job for persons above 40 years is not an easy task. Suddenly an excellent professional should face the cruel reality that his years of experience is a handicap in the labor market. But not so low as excessive. People up to 35 years A person with 40 or more years of life will always be ruled by younger candidates in job interviews.

An unfair situation and very frequent. Did you know: In America there are questions that are acceptable and unacceptable consideradad forms job application or job interview. The age-related are considered unacceptable: 1. – What is your date of birth? 2. – What is your age? The basis of this classification is that where twenty of data on age may discourage older workers. The origin of the myth: The line of career According to the myth references nacioa apparently a widespread half-truth at the University of Harvard. Is associated age of onset of a future worker line career development organization for that person owed. The fact is that common mortals only get part of this premise.

For many organizations do or do not know which is a line of career and less how to manage it. The human resource consulting, enemies of the elderly is common, moreover, that the consultants develop the candidate profile as specified by the customer. And the old question, usually respond until 35 years. A cliche that the consultants did not seek to change not to discuss with the client.

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