Arctic Expedition

  • Posted on October 18, 2013 at 9:35 pm

Russian students are urged to make the national projects to combat global warming. Russian students are members of the international youth Arctic Expedition ‘Voyage of the future’, which concluded on Wednesday at the Spitsbergen archipelago, are going to ask the president to declare the fight against global climate change national project. According to them, many of the questions in Russia for a long time hesitated, started to be addressed through national projects, and the Russians see that this is a mechanism that works. Therefore, students decided to ask the president to make the fight against global climate change, fighting for greening lifestyle of Russians and of our business national project. The main task of the Russian participants of the expedition – to give understand the country’s citizens, that all extreme natural phenomena associated with climate change caused by human activities. According to the participants of the expedition, the damage in the coming years will cause Russia extreme natural phenomena – storms, rains, floods, droughts – will be equal to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Global climate change not just happen in the future, it will very soon affect the lives of each of the Russian population, according to students. People need to understand that the world will change. And, in turn, changing the ratio of each of us to climate change, we change the world, enter into the youth participants of the expedition. ‘We want to appeal to primarily to those who today has the power and resources, hoping that they will realize how much this problem is important for us, for youth ‘- added one of the students.

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