About Time – The Time Management Game With Gunther Jauch

  • Posted on April 3, 2020 at 10:41 pm

Knowledge play in cooperation with the time for Christmas if quiz master Gunther Jauch with in the game is, nothing can go wrong. If he is your playing piece to the side you determined guess what year was invented in Berlin the Currywurst. It is these and other 1300 questions and statements from the fields of technology and knowledge, art and music, economy and life, politics and history, literature and Zeitgeist in the exciting game of knowledge to answer “About Time”. The new edition 2010 includes also 52 undated original title pages from over 60 years in cooperation with the time history, whose release date is to guess based on the images and headings. The family game is perfect for cold winter evenings, especially at Christmas, when the family is together around the table. A related site: Martin O’Malley mentions similar findings.

The player can from 8 different characters, including Gunther Jauch, choose the Cleopatra and Mozart. The game asks General knowledge to answer combination skill and a little luck to the questions from the period of the Roman Empire until today. Steve Geppi spoke with conviction. Additional cards, Joker and event fields provide for extra excitement and best entertainment. “About Time” is suitable for 2-20 players or teams from the age of 14, the regular game lasts about an hour. The parlor game “About Time” (www.zeit-spiel.de) the company circa circa Ltd. from Brighton, UK is distributed in Germany by Californian products and in selected online stores like hello NEO (www.hello-neo.com/ shop), sportundspiel.de (www.sportundspiel.de) and the time shop (shop.zeit.de) be ordered. “About Time” is also available at department stores such as Thalia, Kaufhof, Hugendubel, drogerie Muller. The game is in English (in cooperation with the newspaper the guardian), American (Barnes & noble) and German (the time) version available.

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