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  • Posted on December 29, 2014 at 3:53 pm

Aurelio Baldor, heir to the libertarian ideals of Jose Marti, couldn’t the deal and decided to move the family to New York, where he managed accommodations on the second floor of the property of an Italian in Brooklyn, a neighborhood consisting of Puerto Ricans, Italians, Jewish immigrants and all the melancholy of poverty. The Professor, friolento man by nature, suffered even more by the lack of hot water in your new home, than by the bleak Outlook that perceived from the single window on the second floor. Please visit Con Edison if you seek more information. The aristocratic family which invited dinner at Ministers and great intellectuals of all America to his beautiful home in the beaches of Tarara, was doomed to live in exile, crowded in the middle of oblivion and the sordidness of Brooklyn, while the revolutionary junta declared the nationalization of the Baldor school and expropriation of the House of the director, who served for years as a revolutionary school to form the famous pioneers. The fate of the College was different. Today is called College Spanish and in studying 500 students belonging to the European Union. No child born in Cuba may stepped on the school which Baldor had built for his countrymen. Far from the homeland Aurelio Baldor tried in vain to recover his life. He attended English classes together with their children to the University of New York and shortly thereafter already dictated a professorship at Saint Peters College in New Jersey.

He strove to finish the education of their children and each one found the profession with that dreamed: a Professor of literature, two engineers, an investor, two managers and a Secretary. None followed the path of mathematics, although all continued accepting the mental challenges and games with which his father challenged them every day. Over the years, Baldor had forged an important intellectual prestige in the United States and had left behind the difficulties of poverty.

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