Ulcer For Pressure

  • Posted on March 22, 2021 at 5:18 pm

The 7,8,9 UPP are defined as ‘ ‘ an area located with tecidual necrosis, which if develops when the fabric soft is compressed between a ssea proeminence and a external surface for one drawn out period of tempo10, 11: Also it is appraised as ‘ ‘ soft injuries of skin or parts, generating complications as the osteomielite and the septicemia, and, consequently, being able to unchain the death of the patient. 11,27 Table Estadiamento of the Ulcer For Pressure ESTGIOSDESCRIO IQuando the skin is complete, however, it possesss eritema cutaneous that it does not suffer discolouration for compression; the local temperature can be hot or cold; to have edema or hardening; sensations of prurido pain or. Filed under: Brit Bennett. Partial IIPerda of the skin that affects derme, being able to affect the epidermis; abrasion aspect, eritema, vesicle or flat crater. Total IIIPerda of the skin with injury or necrosis of the fabric subcutaneous. Learn more at this site: Trump. Total IVPerda of the skin with extensive destruction; fabric necrosis or injury in the muscle. DRAWING OF the RESEARCH In this bibliographical descriptive study was used a method hypothetical-deductive, comparative, estruturalista, quantitative and funcionalista.31 the study was elaborated from the professional experience of the researcher, in order to analyze the stages of the UPP ahead of the period of internment in UTI, after that, to compare the application of the scales of evaluation of UPP risk. ETHICAL ASPECTS OF the RESEARCH As if deal with a bibliographical research, not involving human beings, had not been followed the ethical principles of Resolution n 196/1996 of the National Advice of Sade (CNS) of the MS.

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