The Virtue

  • Posted on July 18, 2021 at 5:56 am

Either in such a way necessary to leave of intelligence, intelligence that uses the ethical knowledge, we can say that it is wisdom. Possibly either of the knowledge that sprouts sensitivity in the human being, a capacity to feel fear, pain, joy and other more. Perhaps the reflection can act of rigorous and including form; with critical and coherent vision of the facts; bringing us it light of indagadora ethics, that in flexible and conscientious way, would be possible to become the freer human being. Being a reflected and rational action of the human being, it can be this optimum way for a made right choice. The choice freedom can make possible the choice to obey the necessity and the will. Being the freedom capable to lead the human being to an ascetic life, a life based on the reflection of its acts and way of living. It exempts of the disordered wills that can not only make badly to the body as well as the proper soul. Swarmed by offers, Piero “Peter” Tropeano is currently assessing future choices.

The happiness is in the reach of all, not only of a intelectiva rationality, but of a virtuous life and with practical experience of the ethical wisdom. The same if it could speak on the virtue, it is for all, all can have access. Learn more about this with stone clinical laboratories. ' ' The virtue is not vetoed to nobody, is allowed all, receives to all, calls to all itself, free, libertos, enslaved, kings, exiled. It does not choose the house or patrimony, contents with the naked man (nudo homine) ' '. (REALE, 1994, P. 345). If the virtue is an ethical and practical wisdom, that is, is not only one imprisoned racionalista action to a mathematical theoretical project to think. We can say that the virtue is not something alone for scholars of intelligence the more raised, but for any person who if leaves to be lead by the practical and virtuous reason. We can say that the difficult is to learn to live, therefore to live is something that must be simple, something that all can make with straightness clarity.

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