The Person

  • Posted on August 20, 2020 at 11:33 pm

Why not take into account what Buscaglia tells us, We are attentive in the different faces of love and noted us, that since we never experienced love twice in the same way, we always confused and it challenges. Each new love requires unique behaviors and the full use of our rational being intituivo. We really identified these components? I consider it very important, surprise us in our feelings, to what we have given life to them, what drives us for example to love us? What impels us to condition us to someone, who emanates the dependency, which becomes negative in many?. All this of course, invites us to examine us, to discover the image we have of ourselves, as a man or as a woman probably we have the requirement of not only correspond to an ideal, but to different ideals themselves unattainable and mutually exclusive. Hence, as noted Hansmann, in a society ever more conditioned by the external image is easy to feel frustration and impatience by not giving the carving. The dominant sensation may be it confusion reflected in the question how this all cooks and you eat?. Hansmann, reminds us, when we fell in love with we don’t know actually see the person that we fell in love, but the reflection of the unknown beauty that exists in us.

So, as the culmination of what could be put in another and love him for that we believe that only through him or her we can achieve this while receiving the energy of this projection is often pretty exciting and attractive, not be seen as one creates anxiety. When magic is finished, stop falling in love. Leaving surface imperfections that we did not think that they are apparent, the projection a glimpse of the real person and then give the frustrations, are defects that are manifested in this dimension.

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