The Educators

  • Posted on July 19, 2016 at 7:56 am

But, so that this happens, necessrio that the educator assumes the role of mediator of the interaction between educating, knowledge and computer, what it assumes formation for exercise of this paper. But, unhappyly, nor always it is this, however, that it is observed in the practical pertaining to school. In accordance with Garci’a (1995), is necessary to think the new paper of the educator in ample way, in relation performance not only aoseu before the classroom, but relation to the resume and aocontexto of the school. To educate for society doconhecimento assumes the development of abilities to teach the prticareflexiva, professionalization, the work in team, autonomy increasing eresponsabilidade, beyond a differentiated pedagogia, that ofereanovas forms of learning with the technologies. As it affirms Perrenoud (2000, p.128): To form for the novastecnologias is to form the Judgment the critical sense, the hipotticoededutivo thought, the facultieses of observaoe of research, the imagination, the capacity to memorize and to classify, leiturae analysis of texts and images and representation of nets, of procedures ede communication strategies. To institute changes naescola, adjusting it the requirements of the society of the knowledge constitutes, today, one of the educational challenges (HARGREAVES, 1995). The school is place of trabalhocomplexo, that it involves innumerable factors, beyond educators of the educandos. Necessitade accompaniment of supervisors and overseers who can contribute for introduode new ideas, essentially, of the class actions of the educational managers.

It competes to the supervisors and the overseer escolarassessorar the pedagogical direction how much to the methodology of education and prestarcontnua didactic-pedagogical assistance to the educators and educandos. Therefore, omundo is passing, in a sped up rhythm, for modifications and inovaestecnolgicas. The educators must be to the front of this novarealidade, with the challenge to transmit knowledge, information and values will queconduziro the educandos if to become critical, cultured, conscientesdos citizens its rights and duties in the society where it lives.

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